Case study


Elite supplies

The stats


the online sale revenue in less than 7 months


the number of new brands EliteSupps stocks


the number of weeks it took to build the new website


the most amount of revenue generated in a single day


the new average daily revenue produced online


increase in online sales in the first month of launch

Who is the client:

EliteSuppsUK Ltd

Client’s industry:

Fitness Apparel and Supplements

What did the client want:

To create a new website with a better and simpler user experience, with improved functionality, whilst drawing the main focus on the brands and the business stocks.

What are the clients goals:

To improve online sales conversion.

The Project

EliteSuppsUK were looking to take their business to the next level, they have a shop based out of a gym and they had an online retail (e-commerce) website, making £6,000 – £8,000 a month.

Simply put, EliteSuppsUK wanted more, they commissioned Own Your Space to build them a website, which would launch at the end of January 2020. He required the brands he stocked to be a big focus of the website, as this was a huge part of the draw his customers had to purchase from their website. Furthermore, Elite also required the ability to manage the stock and upload products with relative ease.

As part of the build, they also wanted to improve the website’s offerings, in terms of payment options. This meant integrating klarna, paypal, apple pay and more.

Young woman working out

The Obstacles

Having the brand as the leading focus of the website meant that Own Your Space had to find a suitable way of encompassing this throughout the website in such a way that would benefit the overall performance and sales conversion.

This was overcome, by looking at the permalink structure for each category, brand, and product throughout the website, structuring the links to include and focus on the brand first.

The Results

From the initial website launch, which took place on 28th January 2020, the website went on to increase online sales by 33% in February and has gone from strength to strength since then. With June 2020, seeing the website generate 5 times the amount it did the previous year, which at that time, was the most it has ever produced in a single calendar month, which has since been surpassed.

This was larger thanks to the psychological tactics by using specific colours and signals, to help aid online conversation, which has proven to be highly effective. As well as the new payment methods we integrated with the site, including klarna, which gave customers the opportunity to pay in monthly instalments.

Whatsmore, the resulting permalink and website structure that we created, have been indexed by Google in such a way that exceeded expectations, leaving EliteSuppsUK featuring on page 1 for many of their products.

The Client's Thoughts

"The site looks great! It has exceeded all my expectations and has improved my online sales nearly five times over. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Own Your Space!"

Paul, Owner, EliteSuppsUK