Case study

Get Claims Advice

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Who is the client:

Get Claims Advice Ltd

Client’s industry:

Financial Claims Management Company

What did the client want:

A new website, and an on-going SEO strategy that will see them reach Position 1.

What was the clients goals:

To convert more leads from the website, whilst also getting the site in a more preferable position, aiming for position one.

Get Claims Advice, were looking to implement a new marketing strategy that generated long-term results, whilst simultaneously offering a platform for them to develop their brand, showcase their knowledge and expertise and more specifically convert better.

With this new change of direction, Get Claims Advice appointed Own Your Space, to develop a new website, (to date our biggest undertaking) and also commissioned them for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) activity as well.

Looking to compete more aggressively with other financial claims companies offering nationwide service, they wanted help in creating and implementing an SEO strategy that boosted their status to the top position, and would help keep them there. Understanding this was a long-term commitment, they asked Own Your Space, where the best place to start was, the answer, at the beginning, by rebuilding and redesigning the website.

This allowed Own Your Space, an opportunity to create a blank canvas, whereby they could address some technical issues of the website, such as; the user experience, sitemap, permalinks, imagery, site speed, and more. Addressing these fundamentals, meant two things:

  • Get Claims Advice got the new website they wanted anyway.
  • The website could be built with an SEO strategy already in mind, meaning the newly built site can focus more on developing and implementing the SEO strategy, as opposed to fixing pre-existing issues, which would have happened, should Get Claims Advice not wanted to rebuild their website.
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The Obstacles

The sheer size of the Get Claims Advice website, meant that pages with useful insights for customers could easily get lost, if they were not mapped correctly. Additionally, being an FCA regulated business meant that there were certain restrictions on the language used on the content produced as well as specific insights and information that had to be disclosed on the website in certain ways.

Fortunately, we were provided with all the original information and content created for the pages created. This meant that we could focus more on developing an effective website that observed all the changes we looked to implement; user experience, site speed, and sitemap etc. whilst also looking into employing psychological tactics to help drive conversion.

The Results

Get Claims Advice started to improve their rankings immediately from the launch of the newly redesign website. As google has continued to index and reindex the website, the results have been encouraging and the website has continued to climb.

Better yet, the SEO strategy implemented has seen Get Claims Advice feature on page 1 for several search terms, where previously they were hovering around page 2.

Thanks to the continued relationship with Get Claims Advice, we have big plans to get them into position one and see their business grow.

The Client's Thoughts

"We are blown away with the look and feel of the new website, The team quickly learnt and understood the business and the restrictions that come with it. Whatsmore, the website has already begun to rank better, which further ignited our faith in the Own Your Space teams ability to deliver results. So far the SEO strategy that they have put in place has taken us to the next level, and as a result we are getting more enquiries and helping more people than ever before. We have enjoyed working with Own Your Space and we look forward to seeing what 2021 brings as our partnership continues to grow."

Luke, Director, Get Claims Advice Ltd