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User experience is at the forefront of good web design. The user experience (UX) is a process of designing a system that will provide a good experience for a user when they land on your website.

Why is User Experience important?

If a user visits your website and it is full of clunky visuals, poor quality content and redundant navigational features, they are highly unlikely to make a return to your website or indeed have an extended browsing session on it.

A good user experience creates a lasting impression in the mind of the user and is more likely to develop a trust in your brand.

If a user has a positive experience on your site, they might even recommend your brand to other people.

This is why having a good UX design is crucial for giving your business authority and an edge against competitors.

UX design

How We Incorporate UX Design

The fundamental UX principle is that your website meets the user’s needs and accommodates for the user’s journey.Having a website that focuses on user experience will improve the relationship that visitors on your site will have with your services and/or products.

The key UX design principles

Accessible Design

We design our websites with a primary focus on user accessibility. Our skilled web development team design websites that make usability easy and convenient for your audience.

We incorporate design layouts that allow for smooth and easy navigation and ensure that our content is always clear and easily readable.

Site hierarchy is a big consideration in providing accessibility and a good overall user experience.

The site structure must be organised in a way that makes accessing information is easy and can provide a satisfying experience for users.

Interactive Design

We design interactive websites that allow users to connect and engage with your services. We believe that increasing interactivity strengthens the connection between the user and your brand.

Our interactive design will enhance the website’s usability and evoke positive reactions out of users.

Attractive Design

Did you know that colour schemes, text font and animations can all contribute to inciting emotional responses from users?

We create dynamic, attractive websites that encourage user engagement.

Engaging Content

Our content team will provide engaging and accessible content for your website visitors that promote the user experience, emphasise your business values and clearly answer the pressing questions on their minds.

We always plan out an extensive content strategy and user experience plays a primary role in our content production process.

We combine the forces of a good content strategy and good user experience to produce high-quality, clear content that engages with the user, reinforces your brand value and provides a helpful resource of information.

Market Research

To provide an amazing user experience, we need to understand the user.

To do this, we conduct market research to understand what users are looking for and how your services can help them.

Customers at different stages of the buying process will need to be targeted differently and this will inform how we deliver, structure and tailor our content for a wide range of audiences.

Quality Check

We will always perform a quality check on the website to ensure that it runs at maximum efficiency and no vital information is concealed as a result of ineffective links and design errors.

We also assess mobile compatibility and adhere to coding web standards to ensure that code will not have difficulty in browser display.

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